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Renewable Cobargo is committed to assisting people in Cobargo and district to explore, understand and consider electrifying their homes and businesses. This is good for reducing emissions, good for moving towards renewable energy and good for your hip pocket.

Hot water heat pumps …

We’re looking for people who would like to join in a bulk buy. Let us know if you’re interested. Contact us directly or use the form below.

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Community Energy Coordinators

CaDET’s Community Energy Coordinators, David Neyle and Fiona Drum, aim to help residents (both owners and renters) to find reliable information about ways to make energy dollars go further. This includes:

  • making sense of energy bills
  • improving home energy efficiency
  • converting from gas to electrical appliances
  • finding government incentives
  • assessing solar PV panel and/or battery storage needs
  • being up to date on farming practices that fit with Australia’s commitment to carbon emission reduction.

The Cobargo Community Energy Coordinator initiative is funded through Federal Government’s Black Summer grant scheme to provide free energy consultations and information sessions for Cobargo and district community members.

You can catch up with David and Fiona on Wednesday mornings at the Cobargo Community Access Centre (next to the Co-op), or contact them to organise a free consultation.

David Neyle

Email: david.neyle@renewablecobargo.com
Phone: 0405 383 692

Read about David’s background on About us.

Fiona Drum

Email: fiona.drum@renewablecobargo.com
Phone: 0419 718 615

Read about Fiona’s background on About us.

Check out our resources on electrification

Our Community Energy Coordinators offer free consultations

Drop-in Wednesday mornings

We’re at the Community Access Centre (next to the Cobargo Co-Op) to discuss your energy bills and energy needs.

Make an appointment

We do site visits to help you think about solar installations, heat pumps and other energy installations/options.

Contact David Neyle
david.neyle@renewablecobargo.com or 0405 383 692

Contact Fiona Drum
Fiona.drum@renewablecobargo.com or 0419 718 615