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For farmers and landholders

If you’re thinking about electrifying your primary production or small holder operations, this page is for you. It has links to a range of electrification technologies that will help you to run your property more efficiently, save money and reduce CO2 emissions. Topics include:

Energy efficient milk chilling
Solar heat pumps on a dairy farm
Saving energy on dairy farms
Igloo insulation for nurseries
Agricultural solar and battery project
Funding via the NSW Rural Assistance Authority Farm Innovation Fund
Electric tractors

Cool benefits from milk chilling

An energy assessment at a 600-cow dairy farm in Northern Victoria resulted in the owners investing in energy efficient measures to reduce grid energy consumption and deliver operational benefits.

Find out what they did and how their project improved their competitivity in the milk industry.

Solar heat pumps for the dairy farmer

This dairy farm reduced their annual consumption of grid electricity by about a quarter with a reduction of near 50% in hot water energy use with increased reliability. More gains are planned in their irrigation operations.

Saving energy on dairy farms

Are you looking to reduce your on-farm energy costs but not sure where to start? Find out about quick wins versus longer term planning and offer ideas on where you can get started.

Nursery a wrap for igloo insulation

An energy efficiency assessment highlighted opportunities which these nurserymen have realised with benefits even better than expected.

Agricultural solar and battery project

Heat pumps for agricultural greenhouses

This webinar will interest producers utilising greenhouses for crop production

The NSW Rural Assistance Authority (RAA)

Farm Innovation Fund

Did you know? The Farm Innovation Fund is available to farmers in NSW to meet the cost of carrying out permanent capital works that will have a significant beneficial impact on the land, long term profitability of the business and address adverse seasonal conditions. Solar conversions are included along with improving water efficiencies with irrigation systems. See: https://www.raa.nsw.gov.au/loans/farm-innovation-fund

Case studies

Video stories of producers supported by RAA to become more resilient and better prepared for seasonal changes including using solar pumps and other renewable energy strategies to increase efficiency, reduce costs and grow their businesses: https://www.raa.nsw.gov.au/stories

Electric tractors are coming …

This new tractor will certainly be turning heads.

Equipped with common 110V and 220V outlets used in workshops and farmyard electrical installations, the tractor can serve as a power source for electric power tools such as welding, drilling and cutting machines.